Let me try and answer the three questions I get the most from business owners who want to make use of our services. I hope they will help you.

Here is the best way to take the first, zero cost, no-obligation, step. Please use the Contact Us form provided on this site. Give me as much detail of your business as you can. Your name, business name, location, what you do, etc. but try to keep it short. I will get back to you if I have any other questions.
Once I understand your needs, I will make a few suggestions to you on what I think should be our first steps and action plan. This will be a phase one step and I will give you the estimated cost for this entire phase one service. There will be no shocks or surprises later.
I hope that you will like what I do for your business in this first phase and I will try to make sure you see immediate results. We can them move to the next phase on the same basis until all the goals we have set for your business are achieved.