About Us

My name is Terry and I am a freelance business consultant. In short, here is what I do. I understand very well that small businesses in South Africa find it very difficult to grow in the current economic climate. To survive, they need to increase their profits. The reality is that they can only do this by either attracting a steady flow of new customers, cutting costs, or increasing their products or service prices. My job is to help and advise them on ways to attract a brand new flow of customers. One of the ways I help small businesses to do this is to give them Local Online Exposure in a very special and attractive way. I would love to help you. Please contact me for more information.

Our Team

Terry Murry


This is me – Terry Murry

Pam Scott


This is my personal assistant – Pam

Barry Stone

Right Hand Man

This is Barry – Barry is my right-hand man.



And say hello to Cindy – Cindy is my leading VA (Virtual Assistant). She also has her own small team and together we will ensure YOUR satisfaction.